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About us

Well, that’s us, We make Marketing Digital

We are a rapid-growing agency, providing complete Digital Marketing solutions to our clients…

We develop a large variety of digital services, enabling brands to promote their products through multiple channels, reaching their audience in targeted ways that generate high levels of engagement.

In the fast paced environment we are all moving nowadays, insight strategy and research regarding the consumer needs and wants are more important than ever. Our part in the market “universe” is to enable the brands to understand not only how their client becomes active, but also how this is connected to the consumer’s “digital” behavior and pattern acceptance, providing, this way, actual knowledge that may be converted to action. Through addit services the brands may notify their audience regarding their products by using the most modern methods, achieve awareness strengthening, proceed with targeted and, thus, successful CRM actions and, in the end, apply a marketing strategy that shall perform direct and measurable results.

Our Clients

Serving our Clients’Needs

From ecommerce sites and online apps, to corporate identities and app development (and much more), Addit is eager to help you to discover the right solution for your digital needs.

We are a digital production agency capable of adapting to continuous change.

We are a multidisciplinary team, innovation focused, made of highly creative personalities, driven by the desire to build valuable and meaningful experiences.

Innovative experiences for forward-thinking digital brands.

General Manager

Olivia Kanoni

SEM Specialist

John Banasis

Video & Web Designer

Kostas Kougioumtzis


Lambrini Pantazi

Senior Web Developer

John Christodoulatos

Account Manager

Agapi Palli

Account Manager

Andy Garefalaki

Web Developer

Loukas Noukos

Art Director

Nina Diavatidou

Web Developer

Yiannis Kordaris

Copywriter & Media Specialist

Alex Karakidis

Account Manager

Foivos Vasileiou

Web Developer

Chris Katsaros

New Business Development Director

Eirini Stamelou