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E-commerce strategies @Facebook


Nowadays, we spend more and more hours hanging around in social networks, looking at the photos and publications of others, watching videos, reading the news, communicating and connecting with friends, relatives, followers, fans, etc. Facebook social platform, has evolved so much that day by day more and more companies, small and medium-sized businesses choose to communicate with their customers, create close relationships with their target audience, advertise and attract potential customers by creating the most beautiful and creative content on their business’s Facebook page.

At a time when people are looking to find the best alternative, we can no longer say that there is much brand loyalty, as most people look to find that product or service that will satisfy them a little better and maximize the perceived value. Too many brands in the market over promise and under deliver. The key to thriving in such a market is to provide exceptional value. This doesn’t mean that you have to be the lowest cost, this just means that you give consumers more than what you say you will, by providing value throughout the sales cycle.

What about the competitors?!

In order to make the right steps and to go with success, you have to research your competitors. This research is the first step of every marketing campaign & marketing plan and gives very useful information about the indirect and immediate competitors of the brand. Τhis research provides great insight such as:

1.       Inspire different ways to position your brand

2.       Understand and analyze competitive price strategy

3.       Develop a value strategy that is greater than your competition

4.       Produce insights into your potential demographic

5.       Discover how to integrate their process into your strategy

Also, during this research:

1.       Discover which are your top competitors and the mid-level companies

2.       Study all their online publications & social media uploads and discover how they prefer to advertise their products or services

3.       Find out what their short-term & long-term goals are and what moves they do so as to satisfy them

4.       Take notes on how well they do things, how they sell their products and also make notes on some things they do poorly

5.       Find all the reviews you can about the products, services, and company. Take note of the good and bad reviews

Let’s have a look at Facebook Options for E-commerce!

The key to a successful e-commerce strategy on Facebook is to post often, if not every day, dedicate time, into producing great content that consumers want to read and share, and use all the options Facebook has in place for your business. You can upload product photos, videos, gifs, carousels, news about your products/services or generally your business, etc. Also, you should focus on engagement posts or link ad posts so as not only to make the audience leave a comment and react to them, but also, to increase the traffic of your official website.

Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook pages have an average organic reach between 1% – 2%. Consider if you manage a page with 10,000 fans, you could expect to have 100-200 people see your post. Over time this could increase depending on shares. The key to organic reach is to provide content that your followers want to read and find informative enough so as to want to share. A very good idea is to repost compelling articles, videos or other posts that others have written for your products, because customers are better trusted by other customers of the company who have tested their products rather than the company’s own ads.

Quizzes & Customization-Personalization

A quiz is a great way to bring people to your Facebook page or website, gaining public interest. Also, an interesting quiz can keep someone busy for a long time and eventually manage to get the personal details of the public (personal email with my consent to automatically enter the newsletter list so as to be informed about new products, discounts, or offers of the company.

Yes, time for videos!

Videos often have a higher organic reach and CTR than photos and articles upload. The good news is that you don’t need studios, expensive cameras and microphones so as to create and upload a short – clever video, but the only think you need is a mobile phone, a nice place to recode and your everyday natural speech. Once the video is complete, you can upload it to your YouTube channel or to your Instagram or Facebook account and then you can share it to your official website or your blog. At the end, be careful with the description and the hashtags and don’t forget to link the products in the description, too!

Facebook Marketplace… enjoys shopping!

With Facebook, company’s sales can be made easier than ever, as you will be able to receive orders via inboxes (direct messages) and then deliver the products to the customers all over Greece easily, quickly and safely. All you have to do in this case is:

1.       Upload beautiful photos of your products

2.       Post photos everyday or day to day

3.       Write short and clever descriptions above the photos that focus on the characteristics of the products

4.       Confirm your location, your phone number, the description of your company and the product prices so as to prevent mistakes

5.       Place a tab on your Facebook page that allows you to exhibit and sell products directly from your Facebook page

Facebook Ads

Facebook provides the lowest cost of advertising (PPC). The only consideration is the amount of time it takes to grow your revenue. Facebook has a great cost per acquisition and cost per click, however, due to market saturation, it’s difficult to expand your business quickly. So you have to be patient and start to advertise your products via Facebook in a daily basis.