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Which hashtags are suitable for your business?



What are they really about? They are symbols that are used by both individuals and businesses in social media platforms in order to serve many purposes, particularly with regard to businesses. And how can we identify the relevant hashtags for our businesses? Nowadays, it is quite difficult and demanding to identify the right hashtags for our business. What allows us to identify them is to find those conversations and topics where our audience is more likely to discuss.

Let’s see below step by step how you can identify them!

First of all, identify the hashtags of influencers. Influencers are individuals who have the ability to influence the opinions or buying decisions of your target audience, largely thanks to their social media following. So, at first, the only thing you have to do with them, is to find who are the key players at your market, discover their personal accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc) and identify the hashtags they use. In this way, you will have an overall knowledge about the most used hashtags from these people and you will know in which way you will move in the near future. Take your business’s twitter account, enter the account into Twitonomyinto Twitonomy and get an analysis of the hashtags you using. Repeat this with other accounts to get a bigger starter list of hashtags.

Secondly, use starter list of hashtags to identify related hashtags. Enter the Hashtagify.me and after entering the hashtags from your starter list, you can locate related hashtags. It’s important to note that the size of the circle shows how popular the hashtags are, while the distance between inquired and related hashtags shows the extent of correlation.

Thirdly, gauge the relevance of your hashtags. Visit Rite Tag and in the button “Associated Hashtags”, enter the hashtags that you had collected earlier. The result will show the related hashtags, along with color coding. The different colors represent the tweet density. Blue means ‘Poor’, Green means ‘Good’, and Red means ‘Overused’.  Let’s give an example. Using the hashtag #Linkedin is an appropriate hashtag to use, as it would give your tweets good exposure. On the other hand, tha hashtah #SocialMedia is overused as the tweet density is too high. This would result in your tweets getting lost in huge amount of other #SocialMedia tweets.

Nice all of these but, let’s move on with the next step! Create some streams on Hootsuite that include hashtags. Be careful with the number of the keywords because each stream can include a maximum of three keywords. By monitoring the stream, you can start to see who are the frequent users of that particular hashtag and start to build a connection. This could be through favoriting their tweets or retweeting them.

As you understand, having the right hashtags is a critical point for the successful online presence of your business and you need to be very busy with it and pay attention so as to build a close relationship with your target audience!