Adwords Dynamic Remarketing


Google announced dynamic remarketing across all verticals including education, hotels, flights, real estate and more.

Dynamic remarketing delivers the most relevant ads to your customers by showing the products or offers that are most likely to resonate with them.

Google says that during beta testing, advertisers across verticals on average saw conversion rates double and cost-per-acquisition drop by 60 percent when they switched from standard to dynamic ads in their remarketing campaigns.

Advertisers in all verticals, including retail, flights, car rental, auto, jobs, finance, real estate, classifieds and education, can use now dynamic remarketing to construct ads on the fly with the products and messages that are predicted to perform best based on visitors' past actions on their site.

More specifically, they can now use information based on what people viewed on their site to deliver targeted, highly relevant content to their target audience. 

Google’ s product recommendation engine determines the best mix of products for each ad, factoring in elements such as related products, most popular products and items previously viewed.

Cross-screen creatives

When advertisers add mobile targeting to their remarketing campaigns, we've seen conversion volume increase by 15% while the price stays the same. That's why all of our remarketing and dynamic remarketing templates are optimized for mobile.

Auto-optimized layouts

Creating a relevant ad that inspires consumers to take action starts with the right layout. Ad templates are customized with vertical-specific attributes such as ratings for hotels, destination cities for flights or salaries for jobs, and automatically serve the best-performing layout per impression.

Real-time bidding

Dynamic remarketing boosts performance by calculating optimal bids for each impression in real time. This means if you sell an $800 camera and a $20 flashlight, AdWords will automatically prioritize winning more of the $800 conversions than the $20 conversions. This helps to maximize total conversions and total conversion value.

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